Thea Alba: The Woman With Ten Brains

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Thea Alba

A German woman named Thea Alba was known as “The Woman With Ten Brains” because she could write all ten fingers simultaneously.

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Alba, who became famous in the 1920’s, also performed a trick in which we wrote with both hands, both feet, and her mouth at the same time. She could also write in different languages at the same time.

A popular trick, as seen below, shows Alba spelling Tokio with her left hand, Rome with her right hand, London with one foot and Rome with another foot.

Thea Alba


thea-alba3 thea-alba2



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  • Thanks for the shout-out!

  • syanzy

    With 10 brains, she can’t spell Tokyo right.

  • Heber Aroca

    That is how Tokyo is spelled in German.