This 6000-year old tree has a full bar inside

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A tree in South Africa has such a large circumference that a fully-functional bar exists inside its trunk.

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The Sunland Baobab Pub opened inside the tree known as Sunland Baobab way back in 1933. The "Pub Tree" is near Modjadjiskloof. The massive tree has a circumference of more than 100 feet and can host up to 15 patrons. It serves draft beer and is complete with 13-foot ceilings, seating, and a music system.

sunland-baobab tree-pub

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A seemingly natural spot for a cozy bar, the interior has 13-foot ceilings and is lined with wooden benches accommodating up to fifteen patrons. Shelves full of historical knickknacks give visitors a storied narrative of the history of the Pub Tree, which is part of a farm owned by the Van Heerden family—who also have a bed and breakfast on site. Visitors can expect all the regular accoutrements of a small pub, including a dart board which hangs on one of the tree’s interior walls.








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